Tagging Time!

Tagging Time!

This is what I do every morning during calving season: write up calf tags.
In the cattle world, a letter is assigned to each year. This year in 2013, the calf letter is ‘A’. It goes through the alphabet, so next year the letter will be ‘B’. Certain letters are not used. These letters are ‘I, L, O, Q, V’ as these letters could be confused with numbers or other letters.
The calf gets its mothers letter and number and its letter. So it the mother’s tag was ‘E171K’, then her calfs tag would be ‘K171A’.
This is only one tagging system of many. Some ranches start with #1 and carry on.
We like this system because we like to know who the mother was when we keep the replacement heifer. A replacement heifer is a female kept to be a future mama in the herd.
So that is your lesson in Tagging 101!
~Erika Fossen~


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