Mother Nature Friend of Foe?

Dear Mother Nature

There is enough moisture in the ground, so us ranches would be very grateful if you could please make it stop snowing every morning and raining every afternoon. We need to get into the fields to plough and seed and these things cannot be done when the fields are mud! in addition, we had planned to brand our calves this coming Saturday, which is a big job that requires a lot of extra help, so many of our friends have arranged their weekends to help us and this also cannot be done in the mud. Now we are not sure when we are going to be able to get the job of branding and vaccinating done. Finally, I’m not sure if you got the memo, but it is the middle of April not the middle of February and when I wake up every morning to snow it is getting a little depressing.

Thank you for the consideration on this issue.


Erika Strande

PS all your crazy April snow has killed my crocuses 😦Image


2 thoughts on “Mother Nature Friend of Foe?

  1. Seems like the weather has gone crazy! My normally hot and sunny Australia has turned into a soup bowl! Can’t wait for some sun to dry everything out.. Then I can finally work my ponies!

  2. 2erikas says:

    Thats interesting that the weather in Australia is crazy this spring as well! I hope it turns around for you!

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