Yesterday was our ranch’s annual branding. Our brand is WC and has been since 1962. We have to brand our cattle as a way to identify that they belong to our ranch. This is especially important because in the summer months they are grazing on 126 000 acres of crown range land. There are minimal fences on the range and five other ranches also summer range their cattle near by, so it is important that we identify our cattle, so they do not get mixed up with those that belong to other ranches.  In addition, we also take this time to give them a shot of Vitamin A this helps prevent Pink Eye and hoof issues and we also give them a shot of Tas Vax this is a vaccine to prevent other diseases like black leg. Ranchers give this vaccination, just as parents vaccinate their children against measles or chickenpox. All of our calves have a tag put in their ear as another means of identification. Each ranch in our area has their own colour of tags, but we need another measure of identification because the tags can fall out or be ripped out, it is because of this that we also have to brand our cattle. We just got finished in the nick of time yesterday the last twenty minutes of work it started to hail and then it  turned into snow. It snowed for the remained of the day and once again this morning we woke up to a couple inches of snow on the ground.



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