Auction Mart Blues

IMG_0360 This is not the Kamloops Auction Mart that I was at just an example of what it is like inside. I set out to the Kamloops Stockyards early this morning with a stock trailer full of cull cows (the ones that are old or didn’t have a baby or lost a baby) in hopes of making a bit of money to buy some younger cows with calves. Well that didn’t quite work out exactly how I had planned. We sold our cull cows, however I missed the younger cows that I was looking to buy! You will never guess why I missed them… My dad who doubles as my business partner said the cows I was interested in won’t be selling until 1:30, so we went out to the cafeteria to have some lunch, which I assure you consisted of beef, and met up with my Uncle Sam who also owns a ranch and we all got visiting and you can guess where that leads! Well I missed my cows, but in my dad’s defense the cows did sell earlier than they were scheduled and luckily enough the cows went for more money than I was willing to pay, so I couldn’t stay mad at my dear old dad for long!


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