Kansas Bound

I am currently a long ways from home, I am sitting in the Seattle Airport waiting for my flight to Kansas City. I am going to Kansas City for the American Meat Science Association Leadership Conference. I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to take part in this conference because I am a part of CYL (Canadian Cattlemen’s Young Leaders). This program is affiliated with Canadian Cattlemen’s Association , which is the national voice for Canadian cattle producers. The CYL program runs for 8 months and during those 8 months mentees, such as myself, are matched with a mentor and given a budget to attend different industry meetings and events. My 8 month mentorship has taken me to Ottawa for the Beef Value Chain Round Table Meeting, Calgary for a southern Alberta feedlot tour, AdFarm an agriculture marketing firm, Cargill High River, Cargill Animal Nutrition in Lethbridge, Denver for the National Western Stockshow. In addition, in Denver I was lucky enough to participate in a Canada USA round table meeting at the Canadian Consulate with 30 other young producers from both countries. Also, I attended a round table meeting with John Salazar,  Colorado’s Commissioner of Agriculture and Jason Fearneyhough the Director of Agricultre from Wyomming to discuss our industries on both sides of the border. A question we debated was what needs to be done to ensure agriculture is sustainable, so that we can continue to provide the consumers from both countries with nutritious beef. 



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