He Deserves it!

He Deserves it!

We finally got Doug (my husband) a custom made saddle! Doug has been riding a Western Rawhide saddle, which served him very well, for 18 years. With our oldest daughter needing to get into another saddle, we decided to get Doug and new one and pass his down to her.
It is the norm for the ‘paid’ working cowboys who work on the huge ranches in BC to order a custom made saddles, but it seems that the owners of the smaller ranches, people like us, choose not to afford this luxury. This winter Doug and I started to think about this and decided that ‘life is short’ and better now than later, “let’s order you a saddle”. So we researched and came up with the guy who builds beautiful works of art and stopped in to see him in Merrit, BC in January. His website is http://www.saddle-maker.com/ It took 4 months from the time we ordered it. We picked it up last week.
It is beautiful and Doug is loving it! It fits our horses perfect and he is looking forward to getting it broke in. The tooling is wheat, barley, oats, a hereford bull head, and on the back is our ranch logo. It is a Will James tree.
It is important in life to do special things for yourself. An old rancher, Doug worked for, mentioned that he had rode the wrong saddle for 40 years and that it ruined his knees. He advised to try different saddles out and ride as many as you could to find a good one. He got his custom saddle when he was 59 and regretted not getting one sooner. A saddle is a crucial tool in the ranching business.
~Erika Fossen~


2 thoughts on “He Deserves it!

  1. Lovely saddle. I just got a new one too, and it feels amazing to ride in! I thought my old saddle was good, but now I don’t want to ride in it anymore! Lol.

  2. 2erikas says:

    Funny how that works hey!

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