Rescue Mission

Two weeks ago there was quite a wind storm at the ranch, the wind was blowing so fiercely that it blew a livestock watering tub into the river that runs just below our house. At first I thought this was impossible because I have had to lift these watering tubs before and I find them quite heavy, but apparently not too heavy for the wind. Just when I thought we were never going to see that tub again and I was going to have to spend money on a new one I saw it…. One day when I was feeding in the tractor across the river I saw it caught on some debris about 4 km past our house where it originally went in the water. Last night we rescued our water tub. We climbed down quite a steep bank (the pictures don’t do the steepness justice) to retrieve the water trough! Our rescue mission was a success, we managed to get the tub and  climb back up the hill with it!

Erika Strande





One thought on “Rescue Mission

  1. 2erikas says:

    What we have to do to save a buck and keep operating hey!

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