You Think You Had A Rough Day…

Some days I love cows and other days well not so much…. My parents have been on a well deserved holiday for the last 3 weeks and I have been trying to manage things at home without my dear old dad. My duties have included turning the bulls out, turning the cows and calves out on grass pasture and getting the irrigation going. Friday and Saturday were the most hectic disastrous days both days cows broke out, so I had to spend time bringing them back in and fixing fence, things that I did not have space in my agenda for. In addition, I had 3 calves born (the cows calved super late, this is not optimal) and one of those calves was backwards, so that is always a bit tense, but I managed and pulled a beautiful bull calf. Then to top it all off one of the cows that calved had to be milked because her utter was so big and full of milk the calf could not suck and while I was crouched down milking her she was flipping her tail and covered me in poop! WHAT A DAY!!!!!!

ImageErika Strande


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