Rain = $$$ Saved!


It rained yesterday and is raining again today!  This is perfect timing for this rain as we just finished seeding our crops!  This rain will help all these seeds germinate and emerge.  Without this rain, the seeds would have to wait until we got to it with the water from the irrigation.

Irrigation.  My friend renamed it to: Irritation.  Irrigation cost money. Not only the power bill, but also the labour cost of moving the irrigation everyday.

It saves us so much work to have water come from the sky instead of from us.  We irrigate about 200 acres of crops each year from May through August.  We have 3 irrigation pumps on our separate parcels of land.  When all pumps are going, it costs about $200/day in electricity and takes about 8 hours for 2 people to move the pipes.  Can you see why it makes me so happy when it rains?  I’ll repeat the title:  “Rain = $$ Saved!”

Some of our neighbors move their irrigation twice a day, but thankful our black soil holds the moisture and once/day is sufficient for us. Moving hand-lines is very physical work.  All our pipes are hand-lines, except for the new system we just revamped last spring which is a Center-pivot.  Hand-lines are moved by picking up each 40 foot pipe and physically walking it 60 feet and hooking it up to the hydrant or previous pipe.  You continue to do that until your line is complete, making sure to keep the line straight!!  Many of our neighbors have wheel-lines.  We find them very time consuming, and they do not go through our Pea/Barley/Oats/Triticale crops very well when the crop is 6′ tall.

Irrigation is a good tool to have to guarantee you a crop.  But whenever we can shut it down due to rain, you will see me jump for joy!

~Erika Fossen~


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