A Great Time!



Once again, the BC Cattlemen’s Annual General Meeting was a smashing success!  ‘Team Erika’ got to spend the whole weekend together and we realized again why we ‘joined up’!  We figured we better blog someday about our similarities, because there are plenty!  This photo was taken on the AgroForestry Tour at the Coldstream Ranch.  A very interesting tour discussing the benefits of diversification in forests with all different parts of Agriculture, example cows grazing between a plot of Christmas trees, etc.

The BC Cattlemen’s AGM is held at the end of May.  The event moves around the province, allowing each association to show-case their stuff.  This year the event was held in Vernon.  It was a spectacular event!  Thank you to the committee for all the hard work.  The meeting is a 3 day event, starting Thursday with Executive and Directors meetings.  Thursday evening is the registration and opening meal.  It is usually held in a large complex like an arena.  Farm/Financial Business’ show up for the trade show, which is open to the public as well, all weekend long.  This is a great time to learn about new technologies and products.  Thank you to all these business who take the time to come to our AGM.  Friday and Saturday is when the ‘general meetings’ happen.  Friday afternoon there is a ‘Companion Tour’.  This is where anyone not involved in the AGM can enjoy a tour of what the area has to offer.  This year we went to Sparkling Hills (a beautiful hotel), O’Keefe Ranch (a historic ranch museum), The Bee Planet (learnt about how amazing bees are), and Okanagan Spirits.  It was an amazing time!  Saturday afternoon we went on the AgroForestry Tour which I talked about above.  Saturday evening ends with the banquet and dance.

So as you can see, you are going to want to become a member of the BC Cattlemen’s Association so that you can annually take part in this awesome event!


2 thoughts on “A Great Time!

  1. Michelle says:

    Thanks for keeping me (an urban-ite) in touch and informed.
    (I looked smart at a dinner party, when we were talking about BC beef)

  2. 2erikas says:

    That is awesome Michelle! So glad that we could make you look smart!

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