Rancher Field Day

DSCN4340 DSCN4337
On Friday June 7th, we had 40 people show up for the “Rancher’s Field Day” held at the Fossen Ranch near Rock Creek, BC.  The event ran from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm with the purpose to inform about soils, seeds and fertility.  Along with weed indentification and the control of these weeds on range, pasture and crops.

We started the morning off talking about soils.  We learnt about ways to conquer and avoid compaction, and different pracitces to make soil better: such as adding organic matter by the use of zero-till seeding.  We recognized the benefit of soil and water testing to maximize production while minimizing costs.  Ranchers learned how to calabraite sprayers, identify weeds and were updated on chemicals and their proper use.

The Bridesville Women’s Institure whipped up a beautiful lunch of hamburgers, baked beans, an assortment of salads and ending with rhubarb crisp and ice cream.  No one left hungry!  Thank you Dow AgroSciences for supplying the lunch.

The Field Day was sponsored by Growers Supply Co. Ltd., Boundary Invasive Species Society and Dow AgroSciences.

It was a very informative day in with lots of questions and expert answers.  One can never go wrong learning from experts in their ‘field’ of agriculture.

~Erika Fossen~


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