Meet A Rancher


We went to Kelowna this weekend and stood in the grocery store meat department. It is always very interesting for us as ranchers to hear what the consumer is concerned about.

We were trying to get the message across that Canadian Beef is safe and a healthy choice to feed your family. There seems to be a misconception that huge factories are producing our beef. The reality is, beef starts on a family farm. When it does go to a feedlot for finishing, it is also well looked after. Our industry is made of families and family farms. The average herd size in Canada is around 50 head. There is nothing mass produced about beef!

Eating a diet consisting of Canadian food (beef, grains, vegetables and dairy, etc) from the outside isle of the grocery store cannot steer you wrong. We are extremely proud of the beautiful, natural food we produce. If we were not doing it for the love of the land, livestock and our family there would be no reason to stay in the business!
~Erika Fossen~


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