Came For The Gold, Stayed For The Grass

ImageCame for the gold, but stayed for the grass was how the majority of the cattle industry was started in British Columbia. Loads of people were coming west for the Gold Rust and headed to Barkerville, BC to try and strike it rich. All these people needed to be fed and that’s where cows came fit into the picture. People started realizing there was a business opportunity because suddenly there was a huge demand for food with the influx of people. Once the gold rush was over the miners left, but the cows stayed because the cowboys who brought the cattle into the province realized first hand the abundant grasslands BC had to offer, and that is where the saying comes from. It is pretty amazing where we raise cattle, especially our summer range land it is up mountains, through evergreen forests and around lakes. Our cattle utilize so much of our provinces grass that would otherwise be untouched. Our amazing cows are able to turn mountain pine grass into a delicious and high quality protein source. Every time I am moving cows on the range I always am reminded how amazing cows really are at this process. In addition, I am amazed at how much grass is present in the mountains. Especially this year, we have been lucky enough to have had a lot of moisture, so the grass on the range is doing amazing. Our cows will have plenty of delicious green grass this summer. I was up on the range today and here is a picture of what the grass looks like already! 




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