Nature’s Wonders

Yesterday my dad and I were out on the range scouting for cattle. We do this because our range is HUGE 126 000 acres, so we want to spend our time wisely on horseback. We try to scout and find cattle and then the next day unload with the horses nearby, so we can most efficiently move cows to the next grazing area. On our scout I saw this little guy…..Image

I have seen plenty of fawns before when they are small and still have all their spots, crossing in front of us and I always reveal in how small and cute they are. However, this one was a whole new experience he was sooooo small and just lying amongst the dead tree and he never moved. I have definitely never seen a fawn that small before! Interestingly enough, we were just talking about fawns with a neighbour a few weeks prior and he mentioned that fawn’s have no scent, which I thought was interesting, but didn’t think too much more about it. However, when we stumbled across this little one, that proved to be true because we had our two cow dogs with us and they didn’t even know the fawn was there never barked or anything. Nature is truly amazing. 


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