Buff Beef


This is a picture taken today when we were moving cows on the range. I thought this picture does a great job of symbolizing one of the big differences between ranching in BC and ranching in the prairie provinces. I am not saying our whole range is like this, but we definitely have our share of steep hills. This is important to take into consideration from a management perspective because we cannot have huge framed cattle. Their build is simply not made for climbing up these hill and they will fall apart quickly and not be able to stay in our herd for many years. Therefore, when we are looking to select replacement heifers (the female calves to stay on our ranch and go into our breeding herd) we look for size, ideally we are looking for a moderately framed cow. In addition, when buying bulls we are looking for a moderately framed bull who can move through the mountains. This means up and down steep hills and mountains, but also over and around deadfall. Due to the mountain pine beetle there are MANY areas of our range severely effected with blowdowns (trees that are dead due to the pine beetle, so when a strong wind comes around they blow over. 



This is just a little glimpse at some of the differences in raising cattle in this beautiful, but sometimes difficult province!

Erika Strande


5 thoughts on “Buff Beef

  1. michelle says:

    I admire the work you do!

  2. Flynn says:

    What is your opinion on hereford cows with Angus bulls for the
    Thompson Okanagan ? or is there a big difference between Angus cows with Hereford bulls?

    Thanks for your time


    • 2erikas says:

      Each breed gives different qualities, that is why our ranch pulls traits from both. Angus cows tend to have more milk but can be more aggressive, herefords’ are more docile. The most important thing is the quality of the cows and bulls, as one can find excellent or very poor traits and characteristics in any breed. Hope this answers your question!

    • 2erikas says:

      Hi Flynn

      Our ranch really likes the Hereford Angus cross. It is a great combination of the positive traits from both breeds. Angus are more aggressive which has pros and cons, they are good protective mothers, but sometimes can be tough to handle. Whereas, Herefords are more docile. Herefords also provide a thicker coat of fur in the winter months. We do not find a difference between a Hereford cow and an Angus bull or vice versa. The only thing is that Angus can have a smaller birth weight, so we generally put an Angus bull on our heifers that are going to be calving for the first time, so their first calf is smaller and easier for them to have.

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