Canadian Young Producer’s Ranching Videos


Canadian Cattlemen’s Young Leaders the organization where Erika Fossen and I met and brought us together for this blogging adventure is trying to get more young people to use social media to get the message out there about what we do as ranchers everyday on our operations. There was a video competition set out by the Five Nations Beef Alliance (the 5 countries involved are Canada, USA, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand). Young producers from each of those countries submitted videos and the country with the most likes won the competition. CANADA WON!!! I want to share the videos with our blog followers because they are exceptionally well done, but also it gives you a taste of ranching in different areas of Canada. All these videos were made by other young producers who are a part of the same program I am, CYL (Canadian Cattlemen’s Young Leaders)

From Our Family To Yours-

A  Young Cattlemen’s Dream



Erika Strande


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