More Young Rancher Videos


Here more videos posted by our Canadian participants in the FNBA (Five Nations Beef Alliance) video competition. I encourage you to watch the videos and share them on your Facebook page our post them on your blog. The agriculture industry is making a huge effort to share our story with consumers and people around the word about what we ACTUALLY do on working cattle ranches. Imagine if these videos could have an social media presence as great as the Dodge Ram Super-bowl commercial! 

To take a proactive approach and to reach out to a greater audience and share our story of ranching and the cattle industry, is the goal of our blog and in addition, something the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association is working extremely hard to accomplish as well. Social media is a great vehicle to accomplish these goals because in today’s society people are greatly are relent on social media for information and also product recommendations. If consumers have a chance to learn and understand what it means to raise and take care of animals they will be armed with background information therefore, they will be more apt to think critically and not blindly believe when faced with negative information about the industry whether it be from media, or anti-animal agriculture groups. I really hope you enjoy the videos and thanks for reading our blog and helping to share our great ranching story!

Youtube channel for all of the FNBA videos, even those submitted by the four other countries USA, New Zealand, Mexico, Australia.

Our Livelihood, Our Passion-

What’s That Smell?-

A Rancher’s Creed-


One thought on “More Young Rancher Videos

  1. Andrea White says:

    Erika – these are wonderful videos – i will try to showcase some of them on our websites (BCCA & Behind the Beef)/Facebook page from time to time…

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