Moisture Testing for Hay Production

Moisture Testing for Hay Production

I am writing this blog to answer a question posted by a reader. The comment was wondering if our ranch used a moisture tester to indicate whether the hay was ready or not.
On our ranch we do not use a moisture tester. After making hay for fifty years my dad has it down to his own science. He can look at the hay, grab a handful and know whether he can bale or not. He has now passed this expertise onto me. However, this question made us want to research moisture more and lead us to find this article. Here is the link, check it out if you are interested on moisture testing hay.
We were super excited to have a question from a reader, that is our object in creating this blog. We hope for our blog to become more interactive in the future, so if you have any questions, just ask! 

Thanks for reading!
The Erika’s

pict hay moisture tester


2 thoughts on “Moisture Testing for Hay Production

  1. Lisa Johnson says:

    Hi Erika’s
    It was so nice to see you again at the BC Beef Day in Victoria on July 24th sorry I couldn’t stay longer to chat with you in our office.
    Here is a link to some pics of the event
    Fire up the grill – it’s BC Beef Day

    Thanks for telling me about your blog, it’s so interesting and I love all your pics. I have saved the “Peekaboo” one on my desktop at work.

    I have loved horses all my life, sadly I have never owned one, but was lucky enough to have a friend that had some growing up. I was also fortunate enough to visit a ranch in Quesnel, owned by a prior MLA (John Wilson) a few years ago. He took us on an amazing ride and taught us “City Girls” how to find a lost Bull. I loved it!

    Hope you made it to H&M
    Lisa xo

    • 2erikas says:

      Thanks for checking out our blog Lisa!! BC Beef Day was once again a great success and we love to be part of it! Glad you can think of us with the “Peekaboo” picture!

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