Up to your eyeballs in feed!

You know the crop is tall when you can hardly find a cow in it!
This cow left the ‘rugged range’ and found a happy place here in this crop which is now ready to be harvested. Too bad for her she was rounded up and put back where she was supposed to be, her ‘All-you-can-eat-buffet’ didn’t last long. The abundance of rain has made spectacular crops! We will have an awesome amount of feed for all the critters this winter.
On dry years, when the crops are weak, there is the threat of having to buy feed to supplement the herd. This obviously cuts into profits. In comparison, on ample feed years, we have the option to sell feed or custom feed more animals. This results in income for the ranch, and a better bottomline. Again, why ranchers and farmers are always happy when it rains!
Here is a picture of my family in front of our silage crop of oats, peas, triticale, and barley.
~Erika Fossen~


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