BC Beef Day

Wednesday July 24 was BC Beef Day!!! It was also a great day because the Erika’s were reunited! Many people that represent the cattle industry in British Columbia came together from all areas of the province and met in Victoria (BC’s capital city) to promote ranching in this beautiful province. Our day started bright and early with a breakfast meeting at the hotel restaurant and then it was off to the parliament buildings to meet with MP’s and other members of government to discuss ideas, challenges and how to work together to make a stronger beef industry for the province of British Columbia. The day ended with a delicious bbq on the lawn of the legislature. This was a great end to the day because it allowed us ranchers a chance to chat with government and members of the public about the industry we love. We even got a chance to meet our new Minister of Agriculture, The Honourable Pat Pimm!Image

Click on this link for more BC Beef Day photos!





2 thoughts on “BC Beef Day

  1. Andrea White says:

    such stylish ranchers you are!! Thank you both again for travelling to participate in this year’s BC Beef Day. As always you are great ambassadors for our industry.

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