I thought it would be simple……

I’m not sure wether to credit my laziness or my wits, but their combination led me to this.

Our horses had exhausted their usual pastures and needed to be moved. Until we finish cutting our crops for the season, the horses are limited to smaller pastures near the house. But the day had arrived when they could ‘broaden their horizons’. So my daughters and I went out to the field where they were going to be put to shut the 4 gates.

On a barbed wire fence, ranchers often make a gate out of barbed wire. To build one, each end of the gate has a good sized post, then depending on the number of strands the fence has, the gate has the same. Staves (small wood pieces) are then nailed to the wires to keep them spaced evenly and give them structure. One end of the gate is then wired to the fence and the other end attaches by loops that the rancher hooks it into, to open or close it.

We got three of the four gates closed, but when we arrived to the fourth gate we were stopped in our tracks. Actually being that we were in shorts and bare hands, we knew it would require full artillery of jeans, gloves and cutters. This gate was completely grown in with a annual weed called ‘Common Fiddleneck’. When green it is a problem, tough and wiry, like a thick bush. But when dry, it is even worse, keeping its attributes but also giving off horrible little prickly burrs. We started in with our cutters, attempting to free the gate, but quickly lost motivation.

Then as I said above, not sure wether to credit laziness or wits, we got the idea to tie hard and fast to the Gator and yank the gate free. I was so happy at the thought of not having to cut the whole thing free. It worked like a dream. The bottom picture is the mat of this weed as I removed it from the gate.

Don’t ever underestimate the desire of not wanting to do something. It might help you come up with a better way to get the job done!
~Erika Fossen~



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