Erika, I take my hat off to you!

ImageI may be smiling here, but I have decided I do not like putting up hay!!  I have grown accustom to silaging (read previous blog on silaging for info).  With silaging, when one decides to put up feed, you go out and put ‘er up!  No finicky stuff like waiting on the right weather and calling the weather man numerous times a day!

Thursday late afternoon, it was finally ready to start baling.  I raked and Doug baled until 9 pm, until the due fell hard enough to make it too tough and we had to quit.  So, Friday, after that due had dryed up, late morning,  we went out: ready to bale.  Raring to go and make more beautiful hay.  Then it sprinkled rain and that was the end of that dream for the rest of day.  We were able to rake for a couple hours on Saturday, until it sprinkled again.  So we went and chased cows.  And by the way, when we decided to cut there was nothing but sun in the forecast for the next 7 days.  We did bale a few tough (wetter) bales saturday evening.  Thankfully this morning we woke up to sunshine and were able to finish the field.  So all told, it took 7 days to put up the 70 acres haying (bales still being out on the field), whereas the 1st cut we took off as silage, we did in 3 days, feed in the pit.  The pros, we can sell this feed.  Pretty hard to sell pit silage.  And we did have to have an extra guy to truck.

I am just saying I really take my hat off to those who make beautiful hay, it is hard.  Other Erika, of team Erika, I take my hat off to you!!  I salute you for putting up enough hay to feed all your cows!  You the woman!

~Erika Fossen~




2 thoughts on “Erika, I take my hat off to you!

  1. Holly says:

    I take my hat off to both of you!

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