My Morning Hike

ImageThis morning my phone rang at 6 am and it was my father distressed on the other end of the phone. We had cows on the Coquihalla highway. In 1986 the Coquihalla went through and split our range in half (so for anybody reading our blog if you drive to or from Vancouver and see cows on either side of the highway, those cows are ours). It is a severe pain in the butt because we have to deal with the highway, fence, traffic and people camping all along our range. Anyhow we are having a lot trouble this year with people camping on our range and people cutting the fence to get where they want to go on their quads and not have any regard for other people that may be using the land. That was the case this morning somebody cut our fence and our cows got on the freeway. Dad and I found the cows and took them off the freeway and then we wanted to take them a long ways away from the broken fence so we didn’t have a repeat performance. My dog Milly and I were trailing the cows and all was going well until the cows turned off the trail and into the thick brush. We followed them for 2 hours through the thick bush and alders. I was super thankful to have my pup Milly, she is only 10 months old, but she is working really well already, because it was so thick there were times when I would lose sight of the cows, but Milly would keep trailing them. So when I could no longer see them I would whistle for Milly and she would come back to me, so I could see which direction the cows were traveling and follow the trail and then Milly would continue to trail them. We got the cows to the destination thanks to my partner Milly. 



These are just some pictures of our “hike” this morning! The quality is not that great, so I apologize, because all I had with me was my phone!

Erika Strande


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