Rain Rain

Rain Rain Go Away Come Again A Different Day… when we don’t have half of our crops down waiting to be baled.

Last Friday we started cutting our second crop of hay. It looked absolutely beautiful really thick alfalfa. In fact it was so thick that our old sickle mower swather had trouble cutting it down and I was getting plugged up A LOT! When the swather gets plugged up it’s really frustrating because you have to turn everything off and pull the hay out and sometimes it’s really jammed in there and takes quite awhile. The swather was getting plugged up about once every round in the field I was cutting. Needless to stay I was wasting a lot of time getting the swather unplugged instead of cutting hay. Dad and I have been talking for a long time about investing in a rotary mower. The difference is our old sickle mower uses sections like little knives to cut the hay, but the rotary mower has 3 big blades more like a lawn mower and you can go faster and don’t get plugged up. Dad and I decided to call our equipment dealership and try one out. So we did and we cut hay with it and you can go so much faster it probably cut our swathing time in half, so we were pretty excited about this new potential piece of equipment, but then our excitement dropped radically because it started to rain. Before we start cutting we always look at the forecast and it told me it was suppose to be 27˚C for the week at 40% chance of rain on Sunday, well WRONG! It started raining on Monday and we have had rain everyday since then and what once was our beautiful second alfalfa crop is laying out in the field trying it’s best to dry, but it continually getting rained on! Darn Weather!!!



The above two pictures are of our sickle mower. These are the sections or knives that cut the hay!


ImageThese are pictures of the new rotary mower we tried out. 


Our poor hay crops:(



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