A Little Creativity And A Little Luck

Today we noticed we had cows in one of our lease fields that is really close to home. At this time of the year we still want the cows to be back in some of the furthest parts of the range. Our Range Plan says we can have cows on range until October 15, so that is exactly what we aim for. We do not want them home any earlier because if they are at home that means they are eating grass that we would like to be saving for them when they have to come off the range. We found 9 pair and 2 yearlings in the lease field. This field is about 200 acres with no fences and the river going around one whole side. We were not sure how exactly we were going to get these animals loaded in the back of the stock trailer to haul them back out to the range… Then we came up with a plan! We have portable panels that we use often around the ranch, so we loaded those up into the back of one truck and loaded the horses in the back of the other and set out to trap our animals! We got to the field and set up a corral with panels into the side of a bank (so the bank could act like a fence as well) and tied some panels to nearby trees, so they were extra secure. Next we got on our horses, crossed our fingers and hoped our plan would work! Our plan was somebody would push them from the back and the other person would haze them towards the bank where our make-shift corral was and also haze them that way so they could not cross the river. The cows can cross the river basically anywhere they wanted and if they crossed we would lose them! We got around the cows and then they were off on a gallop across the field, no ideal and definitely not a part of our plan. I do have to admit at this point I thought there was no chance of us being successful on this mission! I didn’t help that I had my pup Milly, who does listen really well, but not at the start as soon as she sees cows, especially ones that are running the chase is on! However, she listened really well and exercised immense self-control and stayed close to me. After running around the field for a while we got the cows into the right position and hazed them along the bank and right into our corral system! Worked like a charm… thankfully! 

This is the field they were in!
Our make-shift corral out of portable panels.


Our helpers!


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