Canadian Farm Writers Tour

I had a great morning touring around our range with Holly Jackson, The Communications Coordinator with the British Columbia Cattlemen’s Association. She came out to our ranch this morning so we could decide some stops for the Canadian Farm Writers Tour coming up this October. The tour starts in Harrison BC and is heading North to the Nicola Valley, where our ranch is located. The Farm Writers are going to be making two stops at our ranch. The first stop is going to be on the further point of our range, Coquihalla Lake. There I am going to discuss some issues that we deal with being crown range tenure holders like quaders, campers and the spread of noxious weeds. Crown range tenure holders mean we lease land from the crown. This land is where our cattle spend our summer. This is very important to BC ranchers because we need our cattle off our fields at the home ranch to grow hay. Next, the tour is going to stop at our home ranch where I am going to be talking our Environmental Farm Plan, my Direct Marketing Business among other things… I am really looking forward to meeting all the Canadian Farm Writers and touring and talking to them about our ranch and range! 


The British Columbia Cattlemen’s Association website.


The Canadian Farm Writers Federation website.


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