Green Anchor Power


The other day my daughter and I were out in the barn working with her horse.  We went under cover because the wind started to pick up and we could see a huge storm blowing in.  As we were finishing up, ready to run inside through the winds, we looked up to see our ranching neighbour in his airplane coming in to land on our airstrip. We proceeded to watch the wind throw him 15 feet one way, then 15 feet the other! At that point I seriously wondered if he would reach our 35 foot wide airstrip safely or not! But being the good pilot he is, he landed successfully! Again, this was at the height of the storm so the easiest and quickest way to tie his plane down was with our two John Deere Tractors and our John Deere Gator!
We raced into the house to wait out the storm and got the story that he was not out for a joyride in this terrible weather, but on a flight back from southern Saskatchewan. This Ranching neighbour also uses his plane to spot his cows on his 100,000 acres of range.
We were happy he could touchdown on our ranch and have his plane safely anchored by Green Power!
~Erika Fossen~


One thought on “Green Anchor Power

  1. Necessity is the mother of invention haha! The things we come up with on properties!

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