Red Our Wild Bronc


This is a picture of Red our 2 year old gelding. We bought him a year ago and have recently started working with him. We bought him because his blood lines (he is out of the Playgun stud) produce horses that are smart, cowy and most importantly really gentle and calm. Well that proves to be true because the first time we really worked with him and put a saddle on him the man who is helping me break him got on him and he never even tried to buck or jump around or anything. We were pretty amazed at that, but then he just got even more amazing! On Saturday afternoon after a morning of moving cows, my fiance and I took Red down to our friends place who is amazing with horses and who is helping us break him. We lunged him around the round pen and ponied him down to the arena. At the arena I got on him while our friend ponied us around. We had a great day getting Red use to the saddle and getting on and off him. When we were all done for the day we unsaddled him and then my fiance tried getting on him bareback and it worked! Our little 2 year old who has only been saddled 2 other times in his life just stood there as Cyle climbed on and went for a little walk around the yard. We are super excited for Red to get big enough to go to work because we think we have found ourselves a really great horse! 


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