Introducing Blue

Introducing Blue

I will be doing a videos series on our horse ‘Frontier Blue’ and his training. We got him when he was 1 and 1/2 from Frontier Ranch down in Oroville, Washington, who has been breeding Quarter Horses since 1969. His colour is called “Grulla” which is pronounced :grew-ya, like tortilla, the ‘lla’ makes a ‘ya’ sound. Grulla is a grey mousey colour with a black dorsal stripe, darker ear tips and zebra striping on legs. There are no white hairs in his coat, which is the difference between this colour and a Blue Roan. This colour comes from Dun horses which gives Dun Factoring.
This is the fourth horse we’ve gotten from Frontier Ranch. They are great horses to train and ride: smart, calm and athletic. Go to this link to see the 1st time ‘Blue’ was lunged and worked with:

Doug is teaching him to stop when he says ‘whoa’, so he uses a long lead rope or lunge line and asks him to walk or trot around him until Doug asks him to stop. This is where the trainer builds a relationship with the horse. It is important in this step to teach the horse that they need to listen to what is being asked of them. Before this, Blue had been trailered to our ranch and then put out to pasture. We like to keep the training sessions short at first, if they learn quick and do what is required, they get rewarded by being put back. Stay tuned for more instalments of Blue’s training.
~Erika Fossen~


2 thoughts on “Introducing Blue

  1. I love grulla’s, yours is handsome! Our stallion is actually a red dun. Colour genetics are really interesting!

  2. 2erikas says:

    Yes they sure are 🙂

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