Wyoming Day 2

uwyomingOur group was up an atter early again Wednesday morning with a tour of the University of Wyoming Meat Science facility. This was an amazing facility. Whenever I am lucky enough to take a trip to the States I always come back envious of the opportunities that the University’s offer their students in terms of practical hands on experience in the agriculture department. In this instance the university has a meat processing facility right on campus. The students are able to learn so much about food safety, processing, cuts of meat and carcass judging. I think this is really important because we need all these people in our agriculture department and our food safety and service departments to have a good practical understanding or how things are done. The students that go through this program at the UW are so fortunate, they get to learn the theory, but then put that theory into practical application. In contrast, during my University career at the University of Alberta in Edmonton I took a Meat Science course. During that course we learned a bunch of theory about what happens to meat when there is no longer oxygen, what causes rigor mortis, what are some signs that meat is of a lower quality. All of these things are very important, but in my opinion theory is sometimes wasted when there is no practical or hands on experience to back up the theory and really create understanding. After learning all this theory I never once, in my meat science class, got to judge a carcass to see meat quality characteristics.  The students at the University of Wyoming get to have these practical experiences daily as part of this class. 

After our tour we had to hustle back to the hotel and get our selves looking presentable because our group was presenting to the Wyoming Board of Agriculture about our CYL program. All three of us spoke about different aspects of the program. Jolene is the program coordinator, so she spoke more about the logistical side of the program. Andrea @AndiDawn10 is a current CYL menthe, so she spoke about the program and goals she hopes to accomplish with her mentor and I am a CYL graduate, so I spoke about what I did accomplish with the program (this blog :), my experience with my mentor and things like that. All in all it was a another great day in Wyoming! IMG_1674 



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