A Shwack of Cows


The big animals in the pictures are the mama cows. The slightly smaller animals are the babies they had in February. These babies have been nursing off their moms for the past 8 months, and as they get older eating more and more grass on their own. This is the time of year on BC ranches where these babies will be gathered up and weaned off of their mom. The mother cow needs time to rest and dry up her milk to get ready to have her next baby the following year.

Here is a video of the cows:

This is 570+ animals running after the tractor and hay bale. This is a treat for the cows to get fed, as they will be back out on grazing until Christmas time or the snow pushes them out. They got this feed because we needed to gather them again easily the next day and there was not enough grass feed in the field they were in. So as you can see they thought this ‘feeding in October’ was fantastic!!
~Erika Fossen~


2 thoughts on “A Shwack of Cows

  1. paywindow7 says:

    I really enjoyed this post!
    Great looking place and a fine family. I know the work is hard and never ending but you are blessed.

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