Frontier Blue 3rd Session

Here is a video of ‘Blue’ and his 3rd session of training. As this is a series, watch the 1st & 2nd blog on ‘Frontier Blue’ if you haven’t already.

This is the 2nd time ‘Blue’ has had a saddle on and the 3rd time being worked with. The object of this session was to continue to have Blue get a feel for the saddle. We were very happy that he was able to pick up right where we left off, assuring him the saddle and rider were nothing to fear. Horses are very smart and remember what they learnt last time.

The trainer is not concerned of the speed Blue is going, wether he is at a walk or trot. The important thing is, he moves out when asked. Blue is quite laid-back, so only moved out at a walk. Although our other horse Count, took off at a lope the 1st time Doug got on his back. He wasn’t bucking, he just was a lot quicker in his nervous state.

As you can see, we use a halter for the first couple rides. The horse has enough tack to learn to get used to, so we do not add a bridle and bit into the mix. It is good for a horse to learn pressure points on his nose and the halter is teaching him these at this point.

If you notice the trainer is already teaching Blue to recognize leg pressure, and to move away from it. He will use his outside leg to steer the horse, as well as guiding his face with the lead line. It is very important to continue to teach the ‘whoa’, as you can see at the end here where the trainer asks him while he applies pressure to the nose.

~Erika Fossen~


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