Not only have we been busy gearing up for calving, but I have also been busy with my position as President of the YCC (Young Cattlemen’s Council. A couple of weeks ago  I was in Ottawa for the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association Executive Meeting. I was there representing YCC.
For some background information and what YCC is…This past August in London Ontario, there was the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association Semi Annual meeting and there were past CYL’s (Cattlemen’s Young Leaders) and currently CYL’s in attendance. The CYL’s were there to take part in a day of negotiation training and a day of governance training. In addition, there was also an election of the first council of the YCC (Young Cattlemen’s Council). The previous year there had been a task force to determine some general terms of reference and get the ball rolling, but the first actual council was elected this year.
I was fortunate enough to be elected president. The council is comprised of 9 young producers from all across Canada. There are 5 people who’s names were put forward by their provinces to be their representatives, some provinces did not send people, so those remaining positions were open and are members at large positions.
The council is on a trial basis and the CCA executive board is going to make a final decision on the council in March. The YCC was developed to give youth an opportunity to learn more and get hands on experience with governance and policy. In addition, 6 of the council members were also elected to sit on CCA committees. This is a big deal and really exciting because that means there is a spot at the table for youth to learn and to voice their opinions among the leaders in the industry,
Therefore, I was in Ottawa to present to the CCA executive about what the council has been working and our proposed budget.
After the executive meeting we had a MP reception on parliament hill. It was a great couple of days in Ottawa and I learned a lot and met a lot of great people!

If you are interested in YCC please check out our Facebook page , twitter feed @YCCbeef, and WordPress account YCC Beef Blog 




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