It’s The Little Things…

This was the view from my living room window this morning! Image

We have had some busy days lately and today was a nice and relaxed day and I just got to enjoy the day! Below is a photo of my dog Milly! She is such a funny dog with tons of personality and is a great working dog. Lately, when I am feeding the cows she has taken to jumping up on the bales in the stack yard on running around on top of them. It’s funny because that is something we use to do when we were kids, we called it “Bale Jumping”




2 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things…

  1. Ken Chalmers says:

    Yup, the little things make country living like heaven on earth. Climbing on hay bales at a farm or ranch is like skipping rocks at the lakeshore. You just have to do it. Adult or child. They just call to you to do it. I have never wasted a minute doing either…the time has been well spent.

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