January Scenes

This is how our cows greeted us everyday when we would arrive to feed them. It is quite the scene to arrive to. A whole bunch of faces saying, “Are you gonna feed us? Were so excited!”

A ‘Selfie’ of me and our ranch one snowy day:)

Do you remember the blog ‘Moos on a Mission’? Well these are some pictures of the journey back. This time the drive went MUCH smoother. We were back to 2 hours, instead of the 6. Although, it was interesting, two of the cows (#K17S and F175N) that were in the group of 30 that would NOT cross the bridge on that disaster day, did it again! Thankfully they walked down to the creeks’ edge and leaped through this time. But I did find that very interesting. Over the winter I will have to have a good talk with those two! (ha ha) Tell them a bridge is nothing to fear and to quit being so stubborn.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for reading!
~Erika Fossen~


2 thoughts on “January Scenes

  1. Flynn says:

    what month do your cow come back in? What elevation is your ranch?? I work at Big white and see the cows coming down every year for the past 17 years just wondering by the snow on the ground??
    Thanks for the pictures 🙂

    • 2erikas says:

      Our cows come off range in the month of October. Yes, sometimes it takes snow to push them down if they get lost. On our private grass (land that we own) they can graze until very late, last year it was Dec. 20th. We deliver our beef up to the Pub up at Happy Valley Lodge at Big White, its called the ‘Rock Creek Burger’ 🙂 Thanks for reading.

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