Working In The Trenches

We have finally completed our ranch’s Environmental Farm Plan project. I blogged about the beginning of this process in the summer in regards to filling out all the paperwork for application process. How the process works was an employer from the Enviromental Farm Plan comes and tours our ranch with us and goes over some paper work to identify an aspect of our ranch’s environmental component that we would like to improve. We chose to install underground mainline. This is beneficial because it will decrease our ranch’s water consumption by decreasing leaks from our current old aluminum mainline. The mainline brings water from the pump at our water intake in the river and brings it to all the fields so we can irrigate our crops in the spring and summer. Instead of our old aluminum pipe we are installing 6 inch plastic pvc pipe.

We started installing the pipe in the middle of November and had some terrible luck with weather. We had a good first week and got a lot accomplished, but then the weather turned super cold and it put our project on hold because we couldn’t backfill the trench with huge frozen chunks of dirt in fear of breaking the pipe. Anyhow the weather has been yo-yo’ing turning warm and then freezing, but it was nice at the beginning of this week and we thought we’d finally get finished our project! We are very excited to use our new mainline this spring. 


This is a picture of the excavator digging the trench. The new plc pipe (mainline will get bedded in this trench).


Thats a section of pipe in the ground with most of it bedded and covered. 


These are the huge frozen chunks of dirt that put our project on hold for many weeks! 😦


2 thoughts on “Working In The Trenches

  1. martin says:

    good for you guys, looks familiar to me.

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