Just In Time



We started building a new calving shed last year. We got the final piece of tin nailed down on the roof on New Years Eve Day. We built the whole shed ourselves (more accurately my dad did and I helped, he was definitely the brains behind the project). It was a really neat process to be a part of and I really learned a lot! From the building process of the building itself to making the rail gates and learning how to properly hang them! We were able to use trees from our property and had to buy only one sling load of lumber and tin. After we had the tin nailed on we couldn’t do much more last year because the building process took longer than expected (weird that never happens… ya right), so once we were done the tin we couldn’t do anything else because we had to pound posts inside the building to separate it into pens, but in January the ground was too frozen, so our project was put on hold. This year we finished building all the rail gates and put slabs up on the outside to prevent wind, snow and rain from getting inside. Our calving sheds are really important because this is where our new calves and their mom go if something is wrong during the calving process and we need to intervene and help the cow deliver a live calf, or if a calf is sick, or if it is really cold out and the calf has just been born we put them in the calving shed. It is great that we have our new shed build because now we have more room for our calves to have a dry place especially because we are trying to grow our herd and our 1 calving shed just didn’t have enough room anymore! We couldn’t have finished the shed at any better timing because we had our very first calf today! He was a Hereford bull calf! 

Welcome to the world little 19B!




One thought on “Just In Time

  1. Michelle says:

    Welcome 19B, Hope Ms. 19 senior is also doing well 🙂 – Agriculture in the Classroom

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