Love Is In The Air

I want to first off apologize from disappearing off the face of the blog. Things have just been super crazy busy at our ranch! One of the things we have been busy doing is turning the bulls out with the cows and heifers. We as ranchers control our calving dates, depending on our climate, when our grass is ready in the spring and other difference factors that are unique to our ranches. We have chosen to start calving February 1. Therefore, we need to turn the bulls out with the cows on May 1 because cows, like humans, have a 9 month gestation period.

It is an exciting time of year because we are looking forward to next years calf crop already, not to mention the animals are excited as well. After spending all winter with only male company the bulls are excited to get in with the girls as well. This time of year the males are more aggressive and we usually see some bull fights as well. This is also exciting because it marks that time in the year when we can stop feeding our cows hay and let them forage on their own.

Erika Strande




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