Pulled Out Of Semi-Retirement!

Yes, I’ve been pulled out of semi (summer) retirement!!
It all started at the very end of June I went to my home country of Northern Alberta with my children, to visit my family and childhood farm. We had a wonderful time!
After being away for two weeks, we were home for a weekend and then we headed out to the Grassland Conservation Tour, which I blogged about last, and then to Erika’s wedding. After getting back home from that trip, we had a lovely bout of company, which kept me from work!
A few days ago my husband nicely took me aside and said, “Semi-retirement’s over Erika!” So the last week has been filled with swathing and trucking, trying to get our silage feed put up. I have been either swathing (cutting the crop into rows) or trucking (the chopped feed to the pit), with a little bit of riding thrown in (moving cows on the range).
~Erika Fossen~
Here are some pictures:
IMG_1558 Swathing down Oat/Pea/Barley/Triticale Silage Crop
IMG_1628IMG_1634 Pulling irrigation pipes out of crop.
IMG_1637 Waiting in truck to be filled with chopped silage.
IMG_1572 Moving cows to next pasture with my dog and 3 daughters.


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