A Picturesque Fall

Lately we have been busy with moving our cows around and 4H with the kids.  Middle of September is our community’s Fall Fair.  This is where locals bring their produce and animals to showcase it to the area.  It is also where our 4H Multi Club has it’s Achievement Day.  That means the members are ‘tested’ or ‘compete’ and receive scores that go toward their year end mark.  Here is our daughter (in burgundy) showing our heifer calf.


Along with the 4H members: Beef, Horse, Clothing and Photography projects; the kids also got to bring: 2 Hens and a Rooster to the fair.  If you remember back to a post in March, these were the chicks we incubated, hatched and raised for fun with our Club.   The 4H members just LOVED showcasing their ‘prized’ heritage chickens at the fair.

We have also been busy keeping our cow/calf pairs all where they are supposed to be.  Here are some pictures of us gathering and moving our cows around.

DSC01292 DSC01299 DSC01302 DSC01309

This is gathering cows from ‘The Love of The Land’ post and moving them to our private land down the rail grade.   It is really fun that our whole family can now go out together, each on our own horse, and move our cattle.

IMG_1407DSC01313 DSC01318 DSC01326

This is a picture of our 3 girls ‘holding the herd’, as Doug and I dug them out of the far corner.

The next 3 pictures are of different cattle drive, when my co-blogger and her husband came out for a visit to our ranch.  Yes, we put them to work!  (the good thing is when you love what you do, you enjoy riding on other people’s ranches too!)  Here is Erika on our horse,



And then Cyle, Erika & Doug.  (I was there too, just I am usually taking the pics:)



Happy Fall everyone.  Hope you also are enjoying the beautiful colors that creation brings.

~Erika Fossen~


2 thoughts on “A Picturesque Fall

  1. Mandy says:

    I love the colouring of the horse Erica is riding. What is the breed of the horse and would you call it a grey?

    • 2erikas says:

      The breed is a registered Quarter Horse and the color is Grulla. It is a blueish-grey color, and to qualify for that color they have to have ‘dun factoring’ which includes a dorsal strip (a dark line that runs down back, with darker mane and tail), tiger striping on legs/wither/ears, and no white hairs. Grulla is a spanish word and is pronounced (Grew-ya).

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