BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation

I spent 2 days last week touring around Vancouver, Surrey and Maple Ridge to different high schools doing BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation Presentations. I was touring around with a lady from the BC Cattlemen’s Association and two other ladies from the BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation; who also administer the Take a Bite of BC program. The Take a Bite of BC Program sounds amazing they bring BC grown food to the schools to teach students what is grown here in British Columbia, but also introduce them to new foods,

More, specifically what I was doing was presenting on beef production and what being a rancher entails. The other ladies and myself created a presentation to teach the students in the Culinary Arts programs at 7 different schools about where their beef comes from and what are the steps and processes involved. It was such a fun 2 days. The classes were really interactive and asked lot of questions which always makes presenting more fun. In addition, they brought up some great examples of myths or things that are poorly portrayed in the media like the use of growth promotants (hormones), BSE (mad cow disease) and environment issues. We had great discussion around these things. All in all it ended up being a great couple of days, thankfully because my trip did not start off well. I headed from Vancouver Tuesday evening after I was done work. I got half way there (to Chilliwack, which is about an hour and a half from my house) and realized I forgot a VERY key part of my presentation. I bring in tools that we use at the ranch, and give them to the students and they need to guess what the tools are used for. Needless to say my presentation would not have been near as interesting or interactive without the tools, so I decided to turn around and drive back and get the tools I forgot. I called my dear sweet dad and he met me half way with the forgotten tools. I added and extra hour and a half to my journey, but at least the presentations went well and the students seemed to enjoy it!


A photo with the students and I after my presentation in Maple Ridge!


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