Like I stated in my previous blog cattle prices have been record high in 2014 and now into 2015. That is a huge plus for ranchers wanting to sell calves, but not such great news for ranchers wanting to buy cows and expands their herds. My husband and I find ourselves in the latter position. We have been really wanting to expand and add more cows to our personal herd, not just the family ranch’s herd. Even though price are high, we feel that it is still a wise business decision because we will be buying the cows for a high price, but their calves in the fall will be selling for a high price as well. We have been scouting out different auction sales, but felt more comfortable buying cows from somebody we knew and knew their health records, especially considering we would be bringing these animals back to our ranch right before our cows are due to calve. This is a concern because some herds may carry different diseases that our cows may not be vaccinated for or are not use to and that can cause health issues. My dad is very strict on keeping a closed herd, that means not bringing any outside cows into our herd, which I agree with because it makes for a healthy herd and we know everything about our cows. However, it makes it very difficult to increase your herd because the only means to increase is to retain more heifer calves in the fall. This process is great and the only one we have used since I can remember, but it only allows for minimal and slow herd expansion. One day when my blogging partner Erika Fossen and I were chatting she mentioned that Echo Valley Herefords, the people they buy bulls from, were wanting to decrease their herd and selling 30 bred cows. My husband and I were very interested in this. That night we called them and had a great chat with them over the phone about their cattle and the cattle business in general. We decided we were serious about this so our next step was to contact FCC (Farm Credit Canada) an agriculture lending institution to see if they would give us the money required to make the purchase. Next, we decided to take the 3 hour drive to go look at these cows ourselves. The cows were fantastic exactly the type of cows we were looking for, so everything was a go, now we just have to wait patiently to see if we are approved for a loan.


2 thoughts on “Expansion

  1. Levona Dixon says:

    This sounds like a great idea, Read about it {the blog} in the cattlemen . Hope you have good luck with It. We also had to buy cows , 20 head . We live in southern Alberta and will be calving in another week, hope the weather holds.

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