In Debt For The Love Of Cows

We were approved for the loan to buy the 30 bred cows that I blogged about earlier! We are so excited! That means this year my husband and I will have a total of 41 cows to calve out that are ours and the ranch will have a total of 280 cows to calve out! We are really excited to been expanding at this time in the cattle business.
Now that we know we have the loan things have to move quickly because the cows we are wanting to buy are due to calve very soon! Since we found out things had to happen very fast because the cows are due to calve very soon. Right away we called Echo Valley and started making pick up arrangements. They very graciously offered to help us haul the cows to our place so they took two loads in their stock trailer and we took 2 loads in ours and got all 30 of our girls home!
Things had been falling into place way too well, usually that is not the case for me! I usually do not have very good luck and there are usually some glitches along the way, so this was looking good! We got the loan quickly before any cows started calving, they were helping us haul them home, so we didn’t have to spend more money paying for a liner! Things were really looking good!
Our first day we got to Echo Valley to haul our first load, we loaded 7 of the older bigger cows in each trailer and were off! About half way into our trip we could no longer see Fred, so we pulled off of the road and waited and waited. Turns out he had a flat tire! Oh no I knew things were going too smoothly and I jinx us by mentioning it! He got it changed and we were back on the road! We were very excited to unload 14 of our very own cows in the calving pen that evening at our ranch.
The next trip to go get the remainder of our 16 cows (this time we loaded 8 smaller cows in each trailer) started off very well! We were making excellent time and we were about an hour away from home on the Coquihalla Freeway when WE got a FLAT TIRE!!!! I was like no way 2 flat tires what are the odds of that! I promise I am not making this up this is just my luck! Anyhow, we got it changed on the side of the highway, now that Fred had experience, and we were off again! We finally made it home and unloaded the remained of our cows! We were so thrilled to see all 30’of OUR beautiful cows in our field!

Us pulled over on the side of the highway fixing our flat tire 😦


IMG_2233Our girls waiting patiently in the back, until we could get back on the road again!






3 thoughts on “In Debt For The Love Of Cows

  1. Mandy says:

    “In debt for the love of cows” – now there is a sentiment I can relate to 🙂

  2. Buttons says:

    I just found your blog on the cover of Canadian Cattlemen I was excited. I am always excited to find other girls out their cattle ranching and blogging in Canada . 30 new bred cows are worth the loan. Herefords are my favourite. I will be adding you to my sidebar I have a lot of ranchers from Canada and the USA that would like to read how ranching/farming is done here in Canada. Good luck with those 280 cows we will have 35 soon but I do hope it warms up a little more first. Glad I found you and congrats on the Canadian Cattlemen cover. B

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