Just In Time

Disclaimer… This blog should have been posted right after my last one about bringing our new bought cows home! Things have gotten crazy quickly and we are in full swing of calving, so this post is a bit late! SORRY!

We ended up getting our girls home just in time! We brought the last 2 loads home on Friday and Saturday morning we had our first calf! Our first calf gave us quite the scare… Everything started our normally we saw 24W (her tag number to us their tag numbers are like their names) she was off by her self and her tail was lifted (a pretty good indication that she is starting to calve), so we kept an eye on her. In an hour when I checked on her things had progressed, but there were 2 back feet sticking out first instead of two front feet! Ideally we want a forward presentation of a calf at birth the two front feet coming and the head right behind! However 24W was calving backwards two back feet coming first. This makes us very nervous because if the umbilical cord breaks the calf’s head is still inside and can suffocate! As soon as I saw two back legs I yelled at my husband to grab the calving chains from the barn and bring them down to the pen! He was taking along time and I was getting annoyed and anxious when he yelled down the chain weren’t there! What the heck I thought where else could they be? When suddenly the light bulb went off… I had brought them to Vancouver for the Ag In The Classroom presentations and had not put them back! 😦 ooooops! My husband, Cyle,  sprinted from the barn up to our house to retrieve the missing chains! Once we had them we pulled the calf out! It was a beautiful ring eyed bull calf (intact male).

That evening we had another calf! A heifer calf (a female)! Our timing on bringing our new cows home could not have been any better!IMG_2241
yle and I’s first calf, the ring eyed bull calf.

ur second calf, the heifer calf!


4 thoughts on “Just In Time

  1. Buttons says:

    Oh they are very cute. I am so glad you are off to a great start. B

  2. Jerry Miller says:

    We really enjoy reading about ranching, purchasing top quality cattle, can relate to calving problems,
    From a retired Farmer
    Jerry Miller

  3. Will says:

    Yay. 2 ring-eyes. Love the posting. Thank you. You Guys only recently got married, and now you’re gonna be rolling outta bed at midnight, 0200, 0400…checking on Mamas. Nothing like lost sleep to cement team-work, lol. Good luck with that. 🙂

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