Even Vegetarians Need Meat!

(This is my Birthday/Christmas gift from my husband)

Here are a couple videos of our cows eating their placenta’s. They often do this as it gives them a boost of protein and energy after calving. It is also natures way of ‘cleaning up’ the calving grounds, which helps keep predators away.
~Erika Fossen~


2 thoughts on “Even Vegetarians Need Meat!

  1. Will Sturgeon says:

    Love the hat, looks like same brim/crown design as your Summer straw…although pink’s a bit vulnerable to dirty hands, dung-dipped swishing cow tails, & winter horse hair when yer tightening the cinch, lol.
    Those after-berth shots oughta go over big with the City Folk, ha ha. Maybe add one of you in your Stormy Kromer, with your fore-arm elbow deep in Mama, fishing for a missing hoof, to show ’em a work version hat, and illustrate one of the multitude of ‘hands-on’ reality struggle efforts it takes to bring a gleam in the Bull’s eye to a steak on the Meat counter display. There’s a marathon journey of work and trauma in-between. Great stuff; keep ‘er coming. Love it. Will.

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