14 In One Day

Erika Fossen beat me to the punch on her last Blog, February 25- 12 New Babies. I was going to write a very similar blog, but ya snooze ya lose! We chatted about it and decided I should go ahead and post my blog even though they would be very similar in content. I thought I’d at least give you guys (our readers a couple days in between)!
On February 25 (our cows must be on the same schedule) we set a calving record at our ranch, we had 14 babies in one day. It makes for a very busy day, but we love it! We love it for various reasons
1) I am nervous even to write this, but the weather has been fantastic -5 overnight so the ground stays hard, so we don’t have mud, but it’s not too cold for the babies to be born. It is the perfect time for the cows to calve, so when the weather is good we like to have as many baby calves born as possible to take advantage of the gift of good weather in February from Mother Nature.
2) It’s nice to have a calving period that is short and sweet. Calving makes long days and nights checking on cows and making sure things are going smoothly. It is great to have a condensed calving period and get it over with as quickly as possible and go back to sleeping full nights!
3) It means our bulls are doing a good job and our cows are cycling early. A cow only cycles every 21 days, so she can only get bred every 21 days. When we have a big groups calving all together like that that makes us happy that our cows and bulls are healthy and fertile. It is also a bit of reassurance that our management practises are working. In my area of BC, because we turn our cows out on huge amounts of crown range land with little fences, it is worrisome that the cows can take off and not be with bulls, and therefore miss a cycle and our calving can stretch out for months. How we manage this is we keep the cows closer to home for the first cycle and a half and have them in smaller pastures locked in with the bull. This is great for our calving, but costly for hay, because most of the time there is not enough grass by the first of May to totally sustain the cows, their calves and breeding bulls, so we have to feed into May, but when we have majority of our calves born in February and March it definitely validates this decision.
In total as of February 28 we have 109 healthy calves on the ground. Not quite half way there! Keep going girls!

Here are some pictures of our girls with their calves!




4 thoughts on “14 In One Day

  1. stan morris says:

    good job keep up the good work

  2. Aw congratulations! That’s enough for a whole other herd

  3. Buttons says:

    Oh so cute and healthy. You are so lucky to have the nice weather it helps a lot. Nice seeing this. B

  4. Christa O says:

    The girls both loved the pictures of the babies 🙂

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