Feeding Zone

Our ranch not only feeds our livestock but is a haven for Bald Eagle’s as well!  Here are some pictures and a video of the bald eagles’ that come back to our ranch year after year to feed on placenta’s.  I’m always amazed at how big these birds are. I’m glad we can supply them something to eat in the winter time when food is scarce.

~Erika Fossen~

Here is my video of them on YouTube:





IMG_1742 IMG_1682


The Real Dirt On Farming

In Saturday’s addition of the Globe and Mail there was an insert titled “The Real Dirt On Farming”. It gives readers an inside perspective on what goes on in agriculture.

What a great idea and great vehicle to spread facts about the agriculture industry to people who may not have much contact with the industry. Check out the Real Dirt On Farming here!
http://www.realdirtonfarming.ca/issues.php Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 12.07.48 AM