As we finish the 2015 calving season and welcome the warmer weather, we realize that one challenging job merges with another. Spring brings forth new jobs like setting up irrigation (irritation as we like to call it), and then actually doing irrigation (moving the irrigation every day to get water across the entire field on all of our fields), re-seeding a field, and turning bulls out. As calving is coming to a close it is interesting to reflect on the past season; maybe it is more at the forefront of my mind this year because any day now my husband and I will be expecting our first child. The process of procreation is amazing and humbling; every little detail has to go right and has to happen at the exact right time. It is truly amazing how many times Mother Nature gets this right. That is the interesting part of ranching we have to deal with life and death. I think at times people think the job of a rancher is a very romantic, riding off into the sunset moving cows and camping under the stars. While it is a great job and there are times when we are moving cows on horse back in the mountains in reality we do way more than that. There are times when this job is emotionally difficult. It is hard to have a sick calf and do all you can do to try and nurse that calf back to health, but still lose it. As ranchers we obviously try and minimize these things as much as we possibly can, but we are at odds with a greater force Mother Nature. While most of the time She is miraculous there are times she reminds us to be humble and the process of life is truly a gift, one that us as ranchers get to be part of so intimately.



3 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Jerry Miller says:

    We look forward to your writing agree it becomes challenging, but most of all congratulations to you and Husband, we are excited for you, please keep posted
    Jerry and Family

  2. mcalbright says:

    Congratulations on expecting your first child. I remember once bottle feeding a calf.. I thought it was fine.. felt like the great healer, and it died. Not all fun and games.

  3. Lavinia Ross says:

    Congratulations to you both on expecting your first child!

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