Team Fluff


This is our dog ‘Tuff’ but our family often calls her ‘Fluff’ because of her timid personality and, as you can see, her fluffy doo!



You never want to get into the middle of two of these!  It is best to just wait it out and then move them along, or if they are not moving out then I will sick the dog on them.  Bulls look big and lumbering, but can move VERY fast and are much larger than a horse and can do damage to a horse and rider if in the wrong place.




A heifer calf growing up out on the range.



The girls out fencing with their dad.


The dogs waiting patiently.


We love to see a sky like this!!

~Erika Fossen~



3 thoughts on “Team Fluff

  1. Jerry Miller says:

    Like the pictures weather is warming up, are the cattle out to pasture for summer.

  2. ghernandez says:

    Hello ! Every time i get to see new Pictures they remind me to pray for you and all your family, its a blessing to see this beautiful Ranch and your beautiful family , i feel like i am transported to another part of the world being here!!!! Thank you and God richly bless you today tomorrow and ever.

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