Keepin’ Busy


Heading home after a successful pasture clear-out.  Right now with the heat, we ride either early morning (being finished by 11 am) or later evening.  We had heat of 38 degrees celsius for the last few weeks.



After a mile of straight down hill, sometimes to keep from ending up riding on your horses ears you make the decision to get off, lead down the last slope and then readjust saddles at the bottom.  Pictures often do not do the hills steepness justice.


The Fossen Ranch Cowgirls.




Some miles to cover on a evening ride, searching for cows before the sun goes down.  Found the cows, got them moved and got back to the trailer at 10:45 pm in the dark.  Drove home to a spectacular lightning storm and a 10 minute downpour just as we had to unsaddle.


If we’re not on the horses we are on this trusty steed: our JohnDeere Gator.  Our dogs cruise at 30 km/hour behind us, doing a quick 10-15 km pasture check.  We’ve clocked our year old puppy at 52 kms/hour!


Heading out on a 4H Ranch Horse Range Ride, a convoy of truck & trailers.


The 4H moto is ‘Learn To Do By Doing’.


Enjoying the scenery.  There was a mama brown bear with two cubs over the hill.  Doug stayed back with the dogs to allow the kids to get a look.

~Erika Fossen~


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